Bollywood needs Hollywood styles to promote movie.

Raju Singh Rathore is a qualified IT professional with over 15 years of active working experience. He is a trained web technologist and a digital marketing specialist. Raju has also been associated as a partner with Texas based IT Company having team of 200+ staffs. He is currently managing political campaign on social media.

A passion for the quality aspect of everything hasn’t dimmed over the past 15 years of his career. He delves deep into the characters of a brand rather than its features. Having worked with national and international companies as well as some known politicians, it’s his expertise that makes him a one of the kind technologist.

In order to contribute towards nation’s progress, his team contributes in research and making of more powerful IT policies. He is playing a vital role in the development of IT security policies.  He is also associated with Royal family of Bikaner, Rajathan as a IT consultant.


Raju Singh Rathore

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